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Custom Fantasy Ebook-cover: $300

Custom Thriller/Horror/Romance Ebook Cover: $200

Custom Object Cover with Stock: $200

Painted Object Ebook Cover: $300

Paperback: $50

Hardback: $75 (Case) $100 Dust Cover

Additional Characters: $50

Character Paintings: $200 

Extra Covers (Ibooks, Audio, etc): $50-$75

Foil Covers $35

Flattened Art/Title Package: $100 (ad use only)

Additional Revisions: $30 per hour

Logos: $50-$150

Transparent Logo $35

Painted Logo: $150 comes with transparent file

Profile Pic: $25

Painted Chapter Headers with line dividers: $100-150

Promotional Graphics: $35-$50

Book Banners & Promotional graphics using the existing design $35

New Design with different pose $50

3D Book/Tablet Render $10

3D Boxed Set Render: $50- $75

Custom Banners: $30-$50

Book Signing Banners: $100 - $150

Book Marks/ Business Cards / Rack Cards/ Flyers / Stickers Post Cards: $30 for one side & $45 for two

Title Typography: $50 for up to 5 Changes

Retitle Fee: $30

International Titles: $25 Ebook/$50 Ebook & Paperback

Rush Fee $100


🖤 How much is my deposit and do you send refunds?

A Nonrefundable booking fee of half down is required before any will work will begin. No refunds are given after the work has started. 

🖤Can I can edit or remove any elements from graphics you've sent to me to create my own?

No. My usage license extends solely to its use, as a whole, as a book cover. If you'd like promotional material, I'd be very happy to work with you to create it.

🖤 How long do I have to submit feedback?

If revisions aren't requested within the week of the scheduled appointment date a new appointment will need to be made at my earliest opening.

🖤 How many revisions can I request?

I will do 3 rounds of revisions before a fee of $25 per hour takes effect. If the revisions are huge (character changes, concept changes) an additional fee may also apply in that scenario.

🖤 Will you continue a series started by another designer? 


Only if I have their written permission. I also will only copy their branding if I have permission to do so. To copy another person's design without permission is illegal. 

🖤 Is branding my series necessary?

It's the most significant, necessary aspect of your series if you want readers to continue to purchase your books and be able to tell they are a part of the same lovely world you created for them.

🖤 What happens if I don't like the character my designer chose?

The designer (me) will look for another character to better suit the one in your story. If however I can't produce one to your liking I will then send you links to stock photo sites I use and allow you to choose for yourself. It must be done within the proper time frame, making it important to be available for your appointment and to assist in the custom cover making process.

🖤 Do you also create promotional products?

I do! Prices vary by product and the extent of the work. If, for example, you need a digital banner the cost would be $30 for social media banners based using the design already created for your created. If a new designed is desired then the cost would be $50.

🖤 Do you sell your covers without the text?


🖤 Do you sell your psd files?

Only to Tantor for their audiobooks.

🖤 Can I turn my designs into merchandise?

You absolutely can! You must purchase the extended licenses to the stocks used in your designs (prices vary by site) and then you are good to go!

🖤 What stocks do you use?

I have a subscription to depositphotos. My primary is depositphotos.

🖤 Do you offer payment plans?

At the moment I do not.

🖤 Do you sell your covers multiple times?

No. Once a cover is sold it is final and never resold to another prospective client.

🖤 I found this image on google/pixabay etc. Can we use it on my cover?

No. I only use sites that provide proper licenses and will not be put my clients at risk for being sued. 

🖤 I need/want a specific font that you do not have, will I need to purchase it?

If it is a font I can see myself using in the future I may purchase it. If not, then yes you are responsible for that fee. If it is for a series continuation your designer can email the font to me to be used on that specific series for you alone.

🖤Can I purchase the titles and artwork seperately?


It is a new package I offer for $100. This package is specifically for ad usage only. If these covers are resold, altered, or another designer has added their own text, legal action will be taken immediately. 


🖤The file has been approved, finalized, and delivered. I would like extra changes though, will you make the changes?


Yes! You still have to be added to the schedule and there is a $30 per hour fee, one hour minimum, once files have been delivered. 

🖤If any of my designs, in part or as a whole, commercial or non-commercial, are uploaded to any AI database for any purpopse I will be forced to pursuit legal action. Art theft is never ok! 


Step 1:  The Initial Information

I will need your email address and paypal address.

I will send the invoice for the 50 percent deposit to your paypal. That is not to be paid until the day before your appointment date. Then I send an email with a form to fill out the details for your book cover and a contract to be signed. Those are to returned before the appointment date. It is important for the details to remain within the emails and not scattered about. 

Step 2: The Mockup

I will create a first draft of your cover based on your description and email the proof back to you once that is completed.

If you need changes you will email those changes back to me. 

Step 3: The Revision Process

3 rounds of revisions can be made (Sending the file to you 3 times). These will include  1 major change (such as a character, head swap, repainting hair) or up to 6 minor changes.  Major changes that make up more than 40 percent of the design and any mockups sent after the initial 3 rounds will incur a fee depending on the work and costs. The starting price is $25 per hour.  If a character is asked to be changed more than once and extra fee may be be asked as well. 

If feedback on a proof isn't submitted within 5 days we may need to reschedule to my next opening to make changes. I try to be extremely flexible, but if I have a client on the schedule for that day I work on that custom first. 

I will change typography up to 5 times. 

Anything beyond those limits will incur a fee of $25 per hour with a one hour minimum.

For further questions or to inquire about a custom cover feel free to contact me via email:

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

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