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1. No refunds will be issued after payment has been made.

2. A NON-REFUNDABLE booking fee of half down is required for custom cover the day before I start custom cover. The other half is due before I send you the final files to your email. If for whatever reason the cover is cancelled after it has begun, then the deposit counts as the kill fee.

3. No changes will be made to premade book covers. Font changes are free up to 3 changes. , After that a $25 fee will be charged for each change.

4. Once files have been transferred any changes that you would like at that point will incur a charge of $25 per hour. 

5. Once a design is sold it will never be re-sold.

6. 3 rounds of revisions can be made. These will include  1 major change (such as a character or head swap) or up to 5 minor changes.  Any mockups after will incur a fee depending on the work and costs. The starting price is $25 per hour.  If a character is asked to be changed more than once and extra fee will be asked as well. 

7. If you want to sell merchandise  you will need to purchase the extended licenses from all stocks, brushes, and fonts. As stated on stock sites, any copies of a design that sells over 500,000 copies of said design will also require  extended licenses.

8. If particular fonts need to be purchased, the client is responsible for the additional cost. I will include the font in the files transferred upon project completion. 

9. If stock outside of Depositphotos  needs­­ to be purchased, the client is responsible for the additional cost. 

10. If additional characters are desired on the coverincluding animals and creatures there is a $10-$50 fee for each character. The amount is dependent upon the complexity and changes requested.

11. The client agrees to have the information for the work sent in a timely manner and will be available to discuss the work. Feedback must also be returned within a timely manner. Delays in things will result in a schedule overlap and cause an additional delay in when I can begin working on your project again.  You can send the details to my email address :

12. The client will not under any circumstances alter the graphics in any way. They are allowed to use them, however, in all of their marketing, excluding content that requires extended licensing unless those licenses have been purchased. 

13. Allow 1 week after the start date for (each) graphic to be completed. If more time needs to be allotted I will contact you with the details and reach an understanding. If unexpected additional changes are requested an additional week is allotted for the turn around.

14. A mixture of stock photos and painting are used in creating your unique design. These photos are available to use for all authors and designers. If exclusive photos are needed then the author most purchase and send the photos to my email for use. 
15. On a multiple person project, I will work with only one client at a time. 

16. Absolutely no sharing in groups for critiquing! 

17. You are allowed to use only the final product sent and proofs without watermarks will not be sent. 

18. To add typography to another designer's art I will need written and signed consent sent to my email address and the fee to be paid upfront. The typography will be between $30 to $75.

19. If a branding for a series needs to be matched then the clients need to obtain permission from the original artist and have the psd file with the style layers sent to my email address. If I am to get the branding as close as possible without the psd files it can incur an extra fee. 

20. The client understands that the appointment date is the start date and will be available for consultation. If the adequate information cannot be provided at that time, he/she will be rescheduled. 

21. If we agree upon one specific project, that will be what we work on. I will not work on extra projects unless I find I have room for it within my schedule. 

22. Upon request, a flattened file of the cover without text may be supplied. The cost is $50 and it is only allowed for ads. If the cover is discovered published with different fonts/texts and used in any way that is illegal a C&D will be issued promptly. 

23. Non-Defamation Clause. You agree no defamatory comments about Crimson Phoenix Creations will be made publicly or in any private groups/forums. 

24. Terms and conditions apply for all projects and begin at the start of the first appointment. 

25. Please remember to credit me on your copyright page :Cover Design by Crimson Phoenix Creations, when I send over the final files! Thank you!

26. If a custom book cover idea/mockup is rejected, I may make alterations to keep it non-specific to a clients ideas and place the mockup for sale as a premade book cover. 

27. If my work is used or uploaded to any AI generators I retain the right to pursure legal action. 

28. I do not work with any AI programs. 

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